IV Sedation Training Program (April 26-29)… SOLD OUT!

April 26-29, 2024 (SOLD OUT!)

  • Price: $22,999
  • Audience: Dentists
  • Location: In Person
  • program description

    Ready to TRANSFORM your dental life?

    If you’re looking to…

    ✅ reduce patient fear while increasing patient satisfaction
    ✅ create a competitive advantage for your office
    ✅ improve practice efficiency, allowing for more complicated treatments in one session
    ✅ align your staff around a clear vision and purpose
    ✅ increase your production and build a path toward financial freedom

    Invest In Yourself
    Invest In Your Dental Practice

    with our phased, highly effective learning framework:


    • online: 65 hours (self-paced)
    • didactic: 24 hours (in person)
    • clinical: 20 patient cases (flexible scheduling)

    The unfortunate truth:
    The majority of dentists who obtain their IV sedation education head back into their respective offices only to… lose momentum. Faced with the significant challenges of completing the required “patient cases” portion of the certification, the doctors’ hard-won IV sedation skills slide gradually into disuse.

    The missing piece?
    A built-in framework that allows students to reinforce their skills and complete their “patient cases” requirements in a safe, supported environment, surrounded by committed, world-class clinicians and educators.

    program schedule


    • afternoon: course kickoff
    • evening: cohort meet & greet


    • didactic training


    • Tuesday – Friday (clinical days with patients cases directly following didactic)
    • FLEXIBLE scheduling (clinical days coordinated at a later date): scheduled per individual student’s calendar

    Midwest Center For Dental Education