• What to do, What to check, What to say

Dr. Tim Donley, DDS MSD

  • Start Date: 2023-07-28
  • 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • VESPER INSTITUTE (Cincinnati, OH)

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What's the class about?

The productivity of your practice comes down to the most important two minutes in dentistry – when doctor comes into check the hygiene patient.

Many of us miss the opportunities that this important moment presents because we lack a well-planned approach. Doctor wants to identify all patients needs and motivate the patients to follow through. Hygienist wants to focus on cleaning teeth.

There is a way to change your routine into a carefully choreographed approach which keeps doctor happy, hygienist happy, results in better patient outcomes and maximizes practice productivity.

You will learn an exam routine which makes it easy to consistently practice best dentistry. What to look for, what to tell the patient, what to communicate to staff.

All of this will be presented in a “learn it today use it tomorrow” format. The course is supplemented with practice management materials that make it as easy as possible for everyone in your office to take a better approach. It is not enough to get everyone on the same page. They must be reading from the same book. Doctors and hygienists who attend the course can write a new chapter in practice success.


What are the goals?

  • Learn the new goal of dentistry and how to use it to improve patient and practice outcomes
  • Develop the concept of priority patient and priority site approach
  • Master the communication skills necessary to better educate and motivate patients
  • Learn the four-in-two approach to the recall exam to maximally identify patient needs.


The future of dentistry BEGINS WITH YOU.