Why You Need To Learn IV Sedation For Your Dental Practice

December 11, 2023

8pm (EST)

  • Price: FREE
  • Audience: Dentists
  • Location: Virtual Webinar
  • AGD Code: 340
  • Credits: 1 CE
  • course description

    More than 30% of the U.S. population avoids regular dental care due to fear and anxiety stemming from past experiences. These patients are in desperate need of preventative and restorative dentistry but will delay treatment until they are in severe pain or have a significant infection. Achieving profound local anesthesia in these cases can be challenging and may be inadequate and challenging, which only reinforces the patient’s long-held dread of going to the dentist. If patients were aware that various options are available to them to make their experience in the dental office relaxing and comforting, and without pain, many of them would be seeking care from dental practitioners who are trained in and implement the techniques of intravenous moderate sedation.
    In this course, we will discuss the many reasons why intravenous moderate sedation will increase the number of patients seeking your services, as well as make longer, more complex dental procedures, such as multiple restorations, implants, and endodontic procedures less stressful for your new and existing patients. We will also discuss what type of training, equipment, and preparation are required to obtain a Moderate Sedation Permit from your state Dental Board. We will also give you advice on how to set up your office and implement moderate sedation in your practice.

    course objectives

    • Understand how incorporating intravenous moderate sedation in your practice will help your practice grow and improves the experience for all of your patients.
    • Become aware of the typical educational requirements in each state for obtaining a Moderate Sedation Permit.
    • Know the medications and agents used in moderate sedation.
    • Learn about the safety of moderate sedation when it is practiced correctly.
    • Understand the complications that may occur with patients under sedation and how to avoid and manage them so that untoward outcomes are averted.
    • Know how to set up your practice for moderate sedation and what you will need to obtain.

    Midwest Center For Dental Education