Vesper Institute - IV sedation training program faculty - Dr. Jay Reznick, MD, DMD / Dr. John Roberson, DMD, FACD, FICD, FICOI, FIAOMS
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OVERVIEW (click here)

PHASE 1online learning MODULESremote, prior to arrival6+ weeks
PHASE 2in-person DIDACTICchoice: on-site / live-stream3 days
PHASE 3in-clinic PATIENT CASESon-site4 days
PHASE 4faculty & community ONGOING SUPPORTremote (regularly scheduled; as needed)optional

DIVE DEEPER (click here)

• PHASE 1 (quick look)

Online Learning Modules

  • self-led
  • additional live “study hall” sessions with instructors
  • mandatory completion prior to in-person didactic
• PHASE 2 (quick look)

Live Didactic

  • facilitated by world-class clinicians/educators
    • instructors include general dentists, oral surgeons, and anesthesiologists
  • mandatory completion prior to in-clinic patient cases
• PHASE 3 (quick look)

In-Clinic Patient Cases

  • overseen by highly trained clinicians in a supported environment
    • facilitating clinicians provide patient dentistry
    • students (IV sedation training program participants) remain focused on developing IV-sedation skills
  • mandatory completion prior to graduation from program
PHASE 4 (quick look)

Ongoing Support (optional)

  • access to regularly scheduled discussions with educators & fellow program graduates
  • access to educators/instructors for scheduled one-on-one discussions
  • program graduates invited to join Vesper Institute “study club”

DETAILED VIEW (click here)

• Phase 1

ONLINE LEARNING (prior to arrival)

  • Approach:  Self-led
  • Location:  Remote
  • Timeframe:  51 hours

  • Our online learning platform walks each student through the foundational principles & information necessary for moving forward into more in-depth study.
  • Information is presented via engaging modules, complete with tests, games, etc.
  • Live “study hall” sessions with instructors will be occur at regularly scheduled intervals.
  • Modules (including tests) must be completed and passed prior to arrival onsite for the in-person didactic.
  • Anticipated time needed:
    6+ weeks (on average)
    • Times may vary, according to each individual’s schedule, learning style, pre-existing knowledge base, etc.
    • Students gain access to online learning modules upon receipt of tuition (in full).
• Phase 2


  • Approach:  Educator-led
  • Location:  CHOICE
    • in-person (Cincinnati, OH)
    • live-stream (remote)
  • Timeframe:  24 hours
    • 3 full days (Sat, Sun, Mon)

  • After completing the online modules, students arrive (along with fellow members of their cohort) at our facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.
    • Participants who select the “remote didactic” option will attend live-stream.
  • Cohorts are intentionally kept small in size, allowing for a highly engaged, in-depth, & supportive learning experience.
  • Facilitated by seasoned clinicians/educators (including general dentists, oral surgeons, and anesthesiologists), these three (3) day-long sessions are designed to immerse students in a broad range of clinical concepts.
    • Students will explore case studies, take part in interactive discussions, and participate in hands-on simulations.
  •  Vesper’s state-of-the-art facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology and amenities, offering students a dedicated, focused environment ideal for deep learning.
• Phase 3


  • Approach:  Clinician-led
  • Location:  in-person (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Timeframe:  20 patient cases
    • “Contiguous clinical” option: 4 days — Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri)
    • Flexible scheduling: scheduled per individual students’ availability

  • Following completion of the in-person didactic, students move into the in-clinic “patient cases” phase of the program.
  • Surrounded by the framework of a dedicated IV-sedation-focused dental office, students continue to learn in a safe, supported environment.
  • Highly trained clinicians (& their support staffs) are present to facilitate the patient appointment, providing IV-sedation students a stable, reinforced framework within which to focus.
    • Facilitating clinicians (Certified IV Moderate Conscious Sedation general dentists) are responsible for the delivery of patient dentistry.
    • IV sedation students are allowed to focus on the continued development of their IV-sedation-skills.
  • Students perform the IV sedation component in twenty (20) in-clinic patient cases.
  • Vesper offers flexible scheduling for this phase of the program.
    • Students can schedule their in-clinic days “all in one go” or “spread out” in a cadence that works for their individual schedules.
• Phase 4


  • Approach:  Instructor-facilitated
  • Location:  Remote
  • Timeframe:  Regularly scheduled; By appointment

  • Following completion of the full IV sedation training program (online learning; in-person didactic; patient cases), students have access to ongoing support, study resources, and discussions with fellow graduates and faculty.
  • Online group meetings are scheduled on a regular basis.
    • Led by our faculty & instructors, meetings can range from clinical “how to” Q&A discussions to “Vesper Institute study club” sessions.
    • These sessions are designed to offer students who have completed the program ongoing access to learning and continued development.
  • One-on-one conversations can be scheduled with faculty & instructors.
    • These can be scheduled as needed.

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