Unlock The Power Of IV Sedation Dentistry

Vesper Institute faculty featured on the Group Dentistry Now podcast

It’s not just a decision; it’s a pivotal step toward the dental career you always wanted.

#1 Reduce patient fear while increasing patient satisfaction
#2 Create a competitive advantage for your office
#3 Improve practice efficiency, allowing for more treatment in one session
#4 Build a pathway toward financial freedom
#5 Become a Super GP, handling complex cases in-house instead of referring them out

Additional patient profiles who need IV sedation include:

  • bad gag reflex
  • difficulty getting numb
  • sensitive teeth
  • previous bad experience
  • special needs
  • medically-comprised
  • complex dental problems
– Jay Reznick, DMD, MD
  • “What if I need some extra ATTENTION as I learn?”
    πŸ’‘1:1 guidance provided by IV sedation dentists during patient cases

  • “What about my TEAM? (… I can’t do this alone.)”
    πŸ’‘ Training for your dental assistant(s) is baked into the program

  • “What EQUIPMENT should I get for my office?” 
    πŸ’‘ Sedation starter kits are available 

Our goal is to help you move efficiently from the training phase into the IMPLEMENTATION phase.

  • John Roberson (DMD FACD, FICD, FICOI, FIAOMS)
  • Jay Reznick (DMD, MD)
  • Scott Sayre (DDS, MBA, MAS)
  • online: 65 hours (self-paced)
  • didactic: 24 hours (in person)
  • clinical: 20 patient cases
    • flexible scheduling
    • temporary licensure for out-of-state dentists
  • phase 1: ONLINE modules
  • phase 2: LIVE didactic
  • phase 3: CLINICAL patient cases
  • phase 4: ONGOING support
  • April 26-29 (Cincinnati, OH)
  • June 21-24 (Cincinnati, OH)
  • July 18-20 (Philadelphia, PA)
  • August 16-19 (Cincinnati, OH)
  • October 18-21 (Cincinnati, OH)
  • December 6-9 (Cincinnati, OH)

You’ll graduate from the training feeling confident to place that IV when you return to your practice.

Midwest Center For Dental Education