How Can IV Sedation Dentistry Increase Production?

IV sedation dentistry can significantly boost a practice’s production due to several factors: increased case acceptance, the completion of more treatment in one appointment, greater scheduling efficiency, and higher patient production values.

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Increase Case Acceptance

One of the key ways in which IV sedation can increase production in your practice is by removing obstacles and fears that may prevent patients from accepting treatment. Many patients avoid necessary dental procedures due to anxiety or phobia, leading to missed opportunities for production.

By offering IV sedation, you can help these patients feel more at ease and willing to undergo treatment, ultimately increasing case acceptance rates in your practice.

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Complete More Treatment In One Appointment

(A more efficient schedule allows you to meet production goals.)

Sedated patients are more likely to tolerate longer and more complex procedures, allowing you to complete multiple treatments in a single visit.

This saves time for both you and the patient and increases the overall production value of each appointment.

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Higher Patient Production Values

The average sedation patient has avoided the dentist for years, suffering from high degrees of dental fear or anxiety.

Due to this neglected care, the patient requires extensive dental work. This leads to a higher potential production value per patient for the practice.

In other words, treatment plans for these patients often amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

Surgeon and assistants during a dental operation.Anesthetized patient in the operating room. Installation of dental implants or tooth extraction in the clinic.


As you can see, offering IV sedation is a great way to increase your practice’s profitability.

  • Increased Treatment Acceptance: Patients with dental anxiety or phobia are more likely to accept recommended treatments when IV sedation is available, leading to more procedures being performed.
  • Ability to Perform Complex Procedures: IV sedation allows patients to undergo longer and more complex treatments in a single visit. This reduces the need for multiple appointments and increases the value of each visit.
  • Patient Comfort and Tolerance: Sedated patients are more comfortable and can tolerate lengthy procedures better, enabling dentists to complete multiple treatments in one session, which maximizes the use of chair time.
  • Efficient Scheduling: With IV sedation, dentists can optimize their schedules by reducing the number of shorter, fragmented appointments and increasing the number of comprehensive, higher-value treatment sessions.

Overall, practices offering IV sedation can see a dramatic increase in their production numbers.

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