“Bring Comfortable Dentistry To Everyone”
That’s why we’re here.
That’s our “WHY.”

The “HOW,” though?
That’s just as important.

For us, that “how” starts with finding like-minded individuals.

  • Looking to make a positive impact in your own community?
  • Longing to be a part of something constructive in the lives of real folks?
  • Ready to make your hours count toward something worthwhile?

You might’ve just found your team.


BELIEVE in what you do.


Mission & Vision

CLARITY goes a long way.

When it comes to starting a career and/or pursing your education…
knowing what you actually want to do in the world can be a huge step forward.

Here’s what our work is all about:

  • removing some of the barriers that keep patients away from the clinical care they need
  • supporting patients as they work to attain greater oral health
  • helping patients create sustainable paths to dental well-being
  • improving the lives of real people in our own communities

We’re here to “Bring Comfortable Dentistry To Everyone.”
And that’s exactly where you come in.


Meaning vs. "The Daily Grind"

your work doesn't have to be JUST WORK.

“Everyone needs a job.
… But it’s a lot better to have a career.”

That’s pretty much accepted wisdom nowadays.
But we have a suggested update:

“When your career is rooted in GIVING…
that’s a journey worth taking.”

  • We believe that providing patients with consistently superb dental care is a noble & noteworthy cause.
  • We believe that helping patients open the doors to oral health and create paths to dental well-being is truly a calling.
  • & Supporting our students as they expand or begin their careers and build the lives they envision…?
    • We believe that’s an absolute honor.


BELIEVE in what you do.


Making It Real

RECOGNITION where recognition is due.

In order to truly realize all of the goals connected to our mission, we must also:

  • elevate the quality of education being delivered to dental professionals
  • create opportunities for students & professionals to do consistently great work and positively influence the health of their patients
  • raise the bar on what dentistry can provide to patients

In other words…
Without focused, motivated, and well-trained professionals working to bring the mission to life every day, all of our other goals are simply “pie in the sky.”

Simply put…
It’s the TEAM that makes it real.


Motivation & Connection

knowing where you are -->
knowing where you WANT TO GO.

If you’ve grown tired of simply trading your time for a paycheck, and want to genuinely care about what you do during that time…

We get it.

If you’ve been looking for a way to build a career that’s consistent, stable, and sustainable …

We absolutely get it.

If you’ve been looking for a place to start

We truly do get it.
& That’s exactly why we’re here.

We get it.
We are here to be of service and support.


Midwest Center For Dental Education